I have over 10 years of experience in branding, marketing and entrepreneurship, and have worked with dozens of female entrepreneurs to make their dreams real. I worked at Google for 5 years, helping to launch some of their most successful products and gaining a deep understanding of traditional business practices. Since leaving, I’ve started my own consulting business and co-created Tesora Sacred Travel, a retreat company hosting transformational women's retreats in Peru. I take this experience and the intuitive skills I've developed from my healing journey to guide you in creating your own impactful, heart-centered business.



Reiki is a healing modality from Japan that works by laying hands on the body and holding a still presence, so that the body may reorganize itself. The word Reiki means, "Ray of Light."

Reiki promotes stress reduction, restores the body and helps with relaxation. Reiki practitioners tap into the unconditional love of life force energy and deliver it through the technique of touch healing. Through working with the chakras, Reiki can give insight into deeper energetic causes of physical and emotional issues.



We use cacao to melt open the heart, expand the mind, and heighten sensory explorations. I accompany all of my ceremonies with meditation, breathwork and medicine songs.

Cacao, known as the "food of the Gods," is a heart-opening superfood with 40x the antioxidants of blueberries. Cacao is the highest plant-based source of iron, has more calcium than cow's milk, and is full of magnesium for a healthy heart and brain. Cacao is a natural mood elevator and anti-depressant, containing multiple neurotransmitters that are associated with well-being and happiness. 



Yoga has been an integral part of my life for the past 13 years. I host fiery, playful classes that borrow from the flow aspects of Vinyasa, while maintaining a strong emphasis on alignment. I love that the physical practice of yoga allows us to use our bodies as a bridge to connect with our mind and spirit, and I emphasize finding space for compassion, grace and self love in your practice.

I completed my 200 hour teacher training at Yoga Tree in San Francisco and my 50 hour Prenatal Teacher Training with Mama Tree in San Francisco. I am a certified Reiki Master and have extensive training in meditation and mindfulness, which I incorporate into my work. 

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.
— Carl Jung