We are here to embody the New Paradigm

You, my love, have a Divine Purpose

Project Phoenix is here to help you rise to it

You are here because you have a unique vision

A mission to help create a world in service to the highest values of its inhabitants

It’s time to reclaim your unique medicine and share it

This is our time



You never change things by fighting against the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.


Earth-Based Wisdom

Mother Nature is our greatest teacher. We will be guided by the elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air - as well as Ether, Spirit and Source. As we connect with Gaia, we will allow her to dream through us.

Prayer Practice

Prayer is an essential part of our connection to our Higher Selves and to the Divine. You will receive prayer templates through Project Phoenix, and will also be guided to create your own prayers that speak directly from your heart.

Embodiment Pathways

To ground our work and make it manifest in 3D reality, we must first embody it within ourselves. Through various embodiment pathways, you will have a chance to move stuck energy out of the body and integrate the wisdom and visions of your project.

Animal Medicine

There is so much to learn from our animal brothers and sisters. They are still connected to their wild, instinctual nature and these gifts are potent guides for us on our Earth journey. We will work with 7 different animals - snake, dolphin, jaguar, hummingbird, lion, owl, Phoenix - throughout our time together.

Shadow Work

Ah, the fun one :) Bringing our creations forward is inherently healing, and as such, requires us to look at the shadows - both personal and collective. This is an integral part of the path of creation so that when we create the new, it doesn’t bring with it the baggage, pain and shadow of the past.


I’ve worked with Maggie in many capacities: as a coach, a consultant, and in both Project Phoenix and Marketing For Witches. What makes Maggie so special and so great to work with is her blend of spirituality with real-world savvy and practicality.

For over a year, she has been an essential member of my team, helping me hone my business vision, create marketing strategy, and coach me through a big product launch. Bridging the metaphysical and the concrete, she approaches entrepreneurship holistically. With the numerous, diverse tools in her toolbox, she has helped me clarify and move forward on my life path.
— Caitlin K

Maggie is a clear, radiant channel of love and support whose coaching style deeply resonated with me because of how holistic it is. I came to Maggie looking to uncover blocks that were holding me back from manifesting my fullest expression of self and preventing me from living the life I wanted to live (emotionally, energetically and professionally).

During our sessions, she led me through beautiful meditations that allowed me to be truly present in my physical body, listened intently, asked important questions and helped me to identify and release deep-seated beliefs and patterns that no longer served me. We co-created new practices for me to incorporate into my days, centered around connecting to my heart space, intuition and power.
— Emily B


We begin Project Phoenix on Wednesday, September 18, 2019 with an Opening Ceremony. The next day you will receive the first round of video content. We will meet every 2 weeks for Group Ceremony and the day after you will receive the next round of materials. Our Closing Ceremony is Wednesday, December 11, 2019.


I have over 10 years of experience supporting womxn to make their dreams real. At Google, I helped launch some of their most successful products and gained a deep understanding of traditional business practices. I am now a co-founder of Gaia Cosmica, a collective dedicated to restoring balance on Earth. I’ve also run my own coaching + consulting business for the past 5 years and co-created Tesora Sacred Travel, which hosted transformational womxn's retreats in Peru. This course takes the best of what I’ve learned to guide you to create from your heart and make an impact.

Throughout the course you will:

  • Create a daily practice to ground your work in the world

  • Tune into the needs of your audience and listen to your inner guidance

  • Prototype and clarify your offering with Design Thinking

  • Design a heart-centered brand that speaks to the people you want to reach

  • Develop aligned marketing and sales channels

  • Heal your relationship to money

If you choose the 1:1 mentorship, you will also receive:

  • Personalized feedback and guidance at each stage of the creation process

  • Creative brainstorming sessions to clarify your offering and solidify your plans

  • A deep dive into your Values and how they impact your work


Project Phoenix is rooted in Group Ceremonies where we'll come together every other week to learn new techniques and support one another. Sitting in ceremony has been one of the most healing and transformational aspects of my path, which is why it’s a key component of this program. Integration is the process of making sense of and embodying states of expanded consciousness and will serve as another key aspect of our time together.

During each Ceremony you will:

  • Experience rituals and guided meditations to anchor your work

  • Learn self-healing tools to allow you to embrace and transform your shadows

  • Use animal medicine to embody new perspectives and approaches

  • Work with the magic of astrological alignments to amplify your intentions



During the first 2 weeks of our time together, you will create a grounding morning practice to guide you throughout your journey. You will learn how to make an altar to anchor your energy and will set clear intentions for your time in the program. We will also examine our relationship to MONEY and begin to heal this foundational perspective.



Here we will work with design-thinking principles to begin creating your vision. We will integrate 3 practices from The Artist’s Way to support you - Morning Pages, The Artist’s Prayer and Creativity Dates. This is the beginning of grounding your idea in 3D reality.

WEEKS56 copy.png


Your values guide your every action. During this section of the program, we will tap into your Divine Purpose + mission. We’ll learn how to create with integrity, taking into account many different factors. You will create a bio that relates who you are to the work you are doing. This is also the stage during which you will clarify your vision so that you can begin sharing it with others.



Through gentle hummingbird medicine, forgiveness prayers, and self love practices, we’ll heal and awaken our Hearts. This is the time when you will share your vision with those you trust and create a circle of support to guide your creation process. You will also design an authentic brand.



During these weeks, you will crystallize your Truth and learn how to share it with the world. You will learn how to communicate your vision and find marketing channels that align to your values. We’ll also work with voice activation practices to free what has for too long been suppressed.



During this module, you will fully activate your offering and create a release plan for sharing it more broadly. Owl Medicine will illuminate the shadows and give us clear vision so we can manifest our heart’s deepest desires.



While listening will be an integral part of our entire journey, this final time together will really help you tune in. Potent Phoenix medicine will prepare you for your flight into the public arena. You will finalize your release date and create an accountability plan to follow after the course closes.



You’ve seen it in your visions thousands of times before. Visions of the Earth we are creating together. You’ve imagined the peace and prosperity that’s available to all. You’ve experienced humanity reconnecting to the natural world. You’ve felt the awakening of our souls.

You have an important role in co-creating this reality.

Today, we sit on the precipice of a New Paradigm. An evolution of consciousness is underway, and our culture is undergoing a massive rebirth. The shadows are being brought to light, and we are being asked to step up.

We need you - in all your power - sharing your Unique Medicine.

Are you ready?


mariana 1.jpg
Maggie is such a gifted and powerful human. I had the honor of attending her retreat in Peru and was held in a sacred container with much love and support (while having such a fun time doing deep inner work!). After falling in love with the ways she “does” business in such a saturated and overworked, overstressed society I was ready to learn more how I too could work in a way that served my highest purpose, brought abundance and left time for play and fun. I worked a few months for her retreat company and now we co-lead an online community of women with a handful of other sisters where we are trying to build a collaborative environment. All these experiences have been a testament of the hard work and love she puts into all the offerings she creates. She is wise and connected to her center and lets her feminine intuition express herself yet she also knows when her masculine needs to take the reigns in matters of work and life to make things happen. What a blessings it is to learn from and work with Maggie!
— Mariana C

Working with Maggie through Project Phoenix and Courage 2.0 has placed me on a trajectory to discover the relationship between my identity and creative workflow. Maggie’s facilitation style is eclectic, yet personable and professional, as she has a keen awareness of a group’s energy both in person and online. Since working with Maggie, I’ve courageously dissolved blockages and ideas that no longer align with my truth in order to confidently step into my creative power as a designer. By working with Maggie and integrating her ceremonial business practices into your life, you’ll establish the framework through which your vision will reveal itself to you.
— Alyssa P




I am a physical embodiment of Phoenix energy, here to guide you on this journey. I spent so much of my life knowing there was a greater purpose calling me, but too afraid to follow my heart. Instead I played small and followed society’s definition of success. This path landed me an amazing job on one of Google’s most sought after teams, and yet, I was completely empty inside.

Five years ago I took a hard look in the mirror, and I didn’t even recognize the woman looking back at me. The woman with the perfect job, a great fiance, and a dream life was a total stranger. I knew something had to change, so I quit my job and set off to do deep personal exploration and HEAL. From this work, I began to embrace myself, my work and my Truth.

I created my own company to help coach and support entrepreneurs and co-founded Tesora Sacred Travel, which hosted transformational womxn’s retreats in Peru. Now I am living on purpose, serving my mission to awaken myself and others, and following my heart day-after-day.

This course is a synthesis of the skills I learned at Google, my entrepreneurship experience, and the embodied wisdom of my healing journey. It is my profound joy to be able to share it with you and support you on your Path.



Alexandra is a believer in the magic of the heart, and the healing power of movement. She caries a lifetime of movement in her being as a dance performance artist and yogini. She has been sharing her movement medicine for over a decade with communities in the United States, Finland, Germany, and India. After receiving a 200 hr. Yoga teacher certification through the Laughing Lotus Yoga Teacher Training in San Francisco, she went on to study Yoga Therapy through the government of India at Yoga Vidya Gurukul. She believes she is here to create sacred spaces for healing, co-creation & deep self-discovery to take place, for the benefit of all.

She is forever grateful to her family in Ohio & Gibraltar, her ancestors known and unknown, her beautiful comrades and collaborators, and all of the teachers and guides that she has met along the path including (but not limited to): Jasmine Tarkeshi, Keith Borden, Ghandar & Kate, Genevieve McClendon, Meisha Bosma, Kathleen Hermesdorf, Alice Tarkeshi, Astrud Castillo, Tekla Kostek, Holly Johnston...and many many more. Learn more at Grounded Crown.


MeganCenterSF-51 copy.jpg


I call myself the Finanseer. (And I invite you to become one too!) I’m a former Financial Advisor turned facilitator for healing and empowerment, with a deep passion for sharing emerging ideas on money: mainly on how to step into alignment with our highest selves and serve as co-creators of a new economy and stewards of our home, planet earth.

Today I am a co-founder of the Women Power Our Planet (WPOP) platform, bringing together women to deploy capital as stewards of our planet. I’m also a co-creator for STAGES International Money Inventory Training, a co-creator and facilitator in the Alignment Circle (the “Tao of Capital”), as well as offering money healing circles for individuals looking to realign their relationship with money in a community setting. In partnership with anti-trafficking organization Restore NYC, I’m currently developing a nationwide financial empowerment curriculum for survivors of sex trafficking.

When I’m not hosting conversations you can find me in upstate New York, sitting under a waterfall laughing. I live, work and play in New York City.


A 14 week journey beginning September 18, 2019
*Please note you are required to attend our Opening Ceremony and 5 out of 7 of the Group Ceremonies to maintain access to the program

Seven LIVE 90 minute Group Ceremonies via Zoom to guide your creation and personal transformation

Recorded videos released every 2 weeks with practices and teachings to support you in creating your heart offering

Bi-weekly embodiment practices to root and anchor you in your body

Lifetime access to our recorded Group Ceremonies so that you can review the information at any time

Seven playsheets to help clarify your offering, develop your brand and create a marketing plan

Specially curated Creativity Playlist for brainstorming, productivity and pop-up dance parties

Lifetime access to our Private Member Area

Lifetime access to our Private Project Phoenix Facebook Group

Early invitations and special pricing for gatherings and courses with Gaia Cosmica


Seven bi-weekly sessions with Maggie

If you want to amplify the group work we’re doing in this program, I highly recommend adding the 1:1 mentorship. One-on-one support has been an integral part of my own path, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of my devoted and wise mentors and coaches.

1:1 sessions will be 60 minutes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the weeks that we don’t have a Group Ceremony.

In addition to The Rise Box, womxn who choose 1:1 mentorship will receive:

+ Astrology reading to help you remember the clues you hid in the stars
+ Caroline Myss Archetype Cards to guide your journey
+ Archetypal counseling to remind you of the Sacred Contracts you made for this lifetime

Before signing up for 1:1 mentorship, we will have a call to align your intentions for the program.

IMG_4473 (2).JPG

This program is for womxn who are ready to transform the world.

Womxn who know that the old systems and structures aren’t holding up, and it’s time to create a new way forward.

Womxn who desire to create work that aligns with their Souls.

Womxn who are here to be of service to the New Paradigm that’s unfolding.

Womxn who believe that we create the world we live in with our thoughts, our intentions, and our actions.

Womxn who are being called - as lightworkers, healers, and visionaries - to create the New Earth together.




Q:  When does the course start?
A:  The next round of Project Phoenix begins September 18, 2019 and ends December 11, 2019.

Q:  Is this a Live course?
A:  This is both a Live and Recorded program. Every other week we will have a LIVE Group Ceremony that meets via Zoom Video Call. The day after we meet, you will receive the videos and guides for that module.

Q:  Will the Live calls be recorded if I can't make it?
A:  The calls will be recorded for your review, but it is highly recommended that you join live to join in community, ask questions and integrate your experiences.

Q: I can't commit 4-8 hours per week. Can I still take the course?
A: You will get the most from this course if you join the LIVE Group Ceremonies and dedicate 4-8 hours per week to review the videos and work through the guides. This is a sacred container designed to support you in manifesting your dreams and making an impact in the world, and it will be most effective if you create the space and time for it. 

Q: I can’t afford this program. Do you offer scholarships?
A: Yes! We are offering full and partial scholarships for Project Phoenix. Priority will be given to womxn of color and all applications will be assessed on a needs basis. Please complete the scholarship application here.

Q:  I'm scared of rebirth.
A:  I hear you! It's completely normal to feel fear arise right before a major transformation. From my perspective, fear is a compass that guides us exactly where we need to go, so if you're feeling afraid, that's a good thing! Through my shamanic work I've learned countless tools to guide you through the death and surrender process, and I'll be sharing them in this course. Rebirth isn't easy, but it is worth it. It's time for you to rise and become who you were born to be.

Q:  I've never heard of the Phoenix. What is that and why are you using the archetype in this course?
A:  The Phoenix is an ancient archetype that has shown up in cultures around the world for thousands of years. In Greek mythology the Phoenix is a bird that catches on fire, burns, and is reborn from its own ashes. The Path of the Phoenix is a perfect parallel for the personal transformation that occurs as you step into your Divine Purpose. 

Still thinking of joining but have a question that wasn't answered above? Send me an email at hello@maggiemccloud.com.