SHARE YOUr magic

You receive a vision of something beautiful that you are meant to create

You pour your heart and soul into it, expressing every ounce of yourself in your work

Then you launch and…


No one responds

No one signs up

No one attends


What did I do wrong?

Why is this happening to me?


You question your entire purpose, mission, raison d’être

Perhaps I’ll just go back to my day job, you think

Perhaps I’m not cut out for this


The path of the WOMXN entrepreneur is a path of transformation

It teaches us our strength, our resilience and our creativity

You are a witchy woman with incredible gifts to share, and the world needs your magic and your unique medicine, now more than ever.




If you are sick of your messages falling on deaf ears

and you are ready to magnetize the right people to your work

Please join me for Marketing for Witches

A 3-week deep dive into sharing your magic

September 26 - October 10, 2018









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Project Phoenix was absolutely game-changing. I have never experienced a program that is so holistic across all the multi-dimensional aspects of me. From shamanism and mantras to impactful business strategy, the content of this program wove the pieces of my life together in a truly integrated way. I’m so grateful for Maggie and the deep work she has done personally to create something with this amount of breadth and depth. And being on the journey with inspiring entrepreneurial women was epic!

Maggie is such a gifted and powerful human. I had the honor of attending her retreat in Peru and was held in a sacred container with much love and support (while having such a fun time doing deep inner work!). After falling in love with the ways she “does” business in such a saturated and overworked, overstressed society I was ready to learn more how I too could work in a way that served my highest purpose, brought abundance and left time for play and fun. I worked a few months for her retreat company and now we co-lead an online community of women with a handful of other sisters where we are trying to build a collaborative environment. All these experiences have been a testament of the hard work and love she puts into all the offerings she creates. She is wise and connected to her center and lets her feminine intuition express herself yet she also knows when her masculine needs to take the reigns in matters of work and life to make things happen. What a blessings it is to learn from and work with Maggie!
— Mariana C
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Marketing for Witches is a 3 week marketing deep-dive for womxn entrepreneurs looking to reach the right people with a message that resonates. This will be a grounded course that teaches you concrete branding, marketing and sales skills while tapping into ceremony and magic.

The course consists of 3 LIVE Classes where I will share information about Goal Setting, Marketing Channels + Messages, Branding, and How to Convert People to your offering. We will also have 2 LIVE Strategy Sessions where you can ask questions and learn from each other. In my experience, this is one of the most powerful ways to learn something new and up-level your business.




Week 1: Goal Setting, Marketing + Branding

  • Get clear on what you want

  • Understand how to achieve your goals

  • Crash course in Marketing 101

  • Creating a compelling, heart-centered brand

  • Ceremony for manifestation

Week 2: Marketing Channels + Messages

  • Earned media, free channels, paid channels

  • Measuring Return on Investment

  • Saying the right thing at the right time

  • Meditation for opening your ears

Week 3: Closing the Deal

  • Sales pages + sales calls

  • Selling with integrity - sales is a spiritual journey

  • Masterclasses, scholarships + discounts

  • Ritual for empowering yourself



Maggie McCloud

I am a multidimensional guide and Earthkeeper, here in service to the awakening of humanity. My mission is to help people reconnect to their hearts and bring their unique visions to life.

I spent 5 years working in Marketing at Google and ran operations for a Blockchain Startup in San Francisco. After leaving, I created my own company to help coach and support entrepreneurs and co-founded Tesora Sacred Travel, which hosts transformational womxn’s retreats in Peru.

I’ve tried a lot of things that haven’t worked, and a few things that have. From marketing retreats to my online courses to 1:1 work, I will share my experience + proven strategies and tactics that will help you reach the right people.


3 90-minute LIVE Group Classes on Zoom on Wednesdays 3-4:30pm EST

- Wednesday, Sept 26

- Wednesday, Oct 3

- Wednesday, Oct 10

2 60-minute LIVE Group Strategy Sessions (AKA Office Hours) on Zoom on Sundays 6-7pm EST

- Sunday, Sept 30

- Sunday, Oct 7

Marketing for Witches Playbook to guide your strategy and tactics

Private Facebook + What's App groups so you can stay connected + ask each other questions

Invitation to The Phoenix Circle, a monthly virtual group ceremony

*BONUS* Meditation for sparking creativity


Maggie is a clear, radiant channel of love and support whose coaching style deeply resonated with me because of how holistic it is. I came to Maggie looking to uncover blocks that were holding me back from manifesting my fullest expression of self and preventing me from living the life I wanted to live (emotionally, energetically and professionally).

During our sessions, she led me through beautiful meditations that allowed me to be truly present in my physical body, listened intently, asked important questions and helped me to identify and release deep-seated beliefs and patterns that no longer served me. We co-created new practices for me to incorporate into my days, centered around connecting to my heart space, intuition and power.
— Emily B

Maggie is an absolute angel to work with! I found our communications to be clear and uncomplicated, her accountability impeccable. What has been most valuable for me, as a healer coming to the entrepreneurial world late in life, is to have found someone in Maggie that has a good grasp on my perspective while also having experience in the world of tech and digital marketing.
— Rose G

Working with Maggie through Project Phoenix and Courage 2.0 has placed me on a trajectory to discover the relationship between my identity and creative workflow. Maggie’s facilitation style is eclectic, yet personable and professional, as she has a keen awareness of a group’s energy both in person and online. Since working with Maggie, I’ve courageously dissolved blockages and ideas that no longer align with my truth in order to confidently step into my creative power as a designer. By working with Maggie and integrating her ceremonial business practices into your life, you’ll establish the framework through which your vision will reveal itself to you.
— Alyssa P

This program is for womxn who are ready to share their magic

Womxn who have poured their heart and soul into their work

Womxn who desire to reach the right souls with their message

Womxn who know that their creations are worthy

Womxn who are ready to breakthrough their blocks to being seen

Womxn who trust that their work will transform the world



Q:  When does the course start?
A:  Our first Group Ceremony takes place on Wednesday, September 26, 2018, from 3-4:30pm EST.

Q:  Is this a Live course?
A:  Yes. For 3 weeks we will have a LIVE Group Class that meets via Zoom Video Call. We will also have 2 LIVE Group Strategy Sessions to support you.

Q:  Will the Live calls be recorded if I can't make it?
A:  The calls will be recorded for your review, but it is highly recommended that you join live to receive information, ask questions and integrate your experiences.

Q: How long will I have access to the course?
A: You will have lifetime access to the recorded Zoom sessions.

Q: Is this only for entrepreneurs? What if I manage marketing for someone else?
A: Great question! This course is geared towards small businesses and individuals who are marketing their own courses, workshops and retreats. If you are supporting someone who does this kind of work, this will be a great fit!

Still thinking of joining but have a question that wasn't answered above? Send me an email at