The Quiet Revolution

Can you feel it?
It has begun
People everywhere are waking up
They're leaving their jobs
In search of a better way
A new beginning
An expression of their truth
Their values
Their heart

Can you hear it? 
It has begun
Silently sweeping the West
It sounds like communion
Hearts joining together
Singing songs of hallelujah
Icaros of wisdom
A palpable joy
A screaming freedom

Can you taste it?
It has begun
The taste of freedom
touches our tongues
Our souls rejoice
Closer to truest form
Dessert for the ages
The sweetness of passion
The deliciousness of love

Can you see it?
It has begun
The look in her eye
Saying nothing, knowing all
It looks like you
And it looks like me
We are
The strength of the warrior
The power of the goddess

The Quiet Revolution is here.