Products I Love: La Ventana Herbals

There are so many incredible makers out there, so I am starting this "Products I Love" series to give a shout out to them. Hopefully you will find some new favorite products among my selections, and perhaps even some inspiration to become a maker yourself.

About a year ago I decided to go au naturel with all of my beauty products. I realized that I was only feeding myself organic foods, yet I was treating the largest organ in my body (my skin) with yucky chemicals. Which is how I happened upon La Ventana Herbals.

Altar Sagrado and Jai Ma breast cream

Altar Sagrado and Jai Ma breast cream

La Ventana Herbals are amazing. I especially love the Altar Sagrado and Jai Ma balms. They reconnected me to my womanhood and smell super yummy. The creators grow all of the plants on their land organically and harvest them under the full moon. They sing medicine songs as they prepare them, infusing the balms with love and intention. Bonus: when you first open the jar, the balm is topped with the sweetest little rosebud.

Altar Sagrado is intended for releasing trauma to the womb. I stopped taking hormone birth control after 9 years (I'm sorry body), and Altar Sagrado has been extremely healing. I also held a lot of generational and societal sexual trauma which this balm has helped to release. Oh and I must mention that Midol has met its match. Altar Sagrado is incredible for cramps.

Jai Ma is a breast cream and they recommend massaging it in every day with your regular breast exams. Yes ladies, you are supposed to do daily breast massages and exams. Lucky for me this is how I caught a small lump in my breast several months ago (it turned out to be benign), so I can't recommend the ritual enough. And with this delicious cream the experience becomes even more enjoyable. 

I highly recommend these two products for any woman looking to connect to her femininity. They also make an incredible True Heart balm intended to open your heart and connect you to your inner voice. I love it for cultivating self love and have heard it's amazing for healing heartbreak. Literally everything they make - from sprays, to healing eye drops, to the balms - is top notch and will make you feel like a million bucks. Connect with your body and open the window to your soul.