Products I Love: Thinx

Do you have "period underwear?" The old ratty pairs of panties you save for that one week each month. Yeah. Thought so.

I present to you an alternative - Thinx! Entrepreneur extraordinaire, Miki Agrawal, invented these amazing little panties for women with periods. Not only is the product brilliant, the marketing is beyond clever.

When I met Miki at Burning Man and she told me about Thinx, I really didn't think they were for me. But after enough "for women with periods" ads, I realized, "Hey! I'm a woman. I have a period. Maybe I should try these." So I bought a pair of hiphuggers and gave them a go. Side note: I am now having terrible buyer's remorse because they just came out with LACY high-waisted ones. Since when did period panties get to be sexy?!

Time read my blog, and they totally agree with me.

Time read my blog, and they totally agree with me.

While the product itself is phenomenal (it doesn't feel like a diaper AND it really works), the cause behind the work is what's truly inspiring. Thinx is on a mission to break the taboo around menstruation. They fought the New York MTA so they could post their ads in subway stations and helped reverse decades (millenia?) of backwards thinking about periods. And the best part is that each pair of Thinx you buy funds a pack of washable, reusable pads for a girl in the developing world. This helps girls stay in school which in turn helps communities grow and thrive.

Thinx recently released an amazing video called "The Week" that I highly recommend watching. As women we have so much shame around this totally natural thing that happens to us every month. Together, we can change that.