Limiting beliefs are, well, limiting

We all do it. Make up extravagant stories in our minds and then live like they're real. Sometimes these stories are empowering. They make us strive to be better people, accomplish our goals, contribute to society. But a lot of times these stories are bullshit.

Here's what I mean. When I was 5 years old I made a really big mistake that ended in a horrific tragedy. As a result of that one moment on that one day, I made up a story that I had to be perfect. P-E-R-F-E-C-T. No mistakes. Nada. Zilch. Zero. I lived that way for 22 years. Any time I messed up, I tried to hide it. I didn't want anyone to know that I wasn't perfect because it interrupted my story of how things were supposed to be.

For the past year and change I've been working really hard to rewrite that story. I now consider myself a recovering perfectionist (yes, I have gone through the 12 steps) and love making mistakes. I think mistakes are beautiful. They make me feel like a rebel. 

But as stories go, where there is one, there are many. So while I may have eradicated my craving for perfectionism, I have quite a few other stories (read: limiting beliefs) that are preventing me from moving forward in certain areas of my life.  That is, until Uncle Tony stepped in. 

On the third day of UPW, Tony Robbins led us through a top secret process to eradicate limiting beliefs. If I tell you what it is I have to kill you, so it's best we keep it a secret. The how's don't really matter, anyway. It's the outcome that counts.

One of the scariest beliefs I had been holding is that "relationships are hard." Full stop. This sentence used to ring true to me, and it defined every relationship in my life. How could it not? Through my work at UPW I was able to transform this belief into a much more empowering statement. "Relationships are a beautiful dance" is now my mantra. Life suddenly got a lot more fun.

As a budding entrepreneur beginning to put myself out in the world, I held quite a dangerous belief - "I'm not good enough. I can't do this on my own." How many of you have felt that before? How many of you think that's TRUE? It's not! I promise. It's some bullshit that some meany put on you long, long ago. And right now, you can stop living like that's real. I'm using the affirmation, "I am enough. I am a powerful force for good." Feel free to borrow it and say it over and over to yourself until someone on the bus thinks you're one of the crazies. 

These are a couple of debilitating beliefs in a plethora of disempowering stories I've been telling myself. I know the work will continue (forever) but more importantly this whole process is teaching me a lot about trust. Trust that if I listen to my heart and put in the work, life will play out better than my wildest dreams. Trust that if I jump, the net will appear. Trust that there's something greater orchestrating this whole thing we call life. Take for example, the writing of this post. I wanted to reference my UPW workbook regarding the limiting beliefs exercise. So I picked it up, flipped it open, and out of 172 pages I opened right to the exercise I wanted. Spooky shit.

When you read that, what did the little voice in your head say? "Yeah right? Something greater my ass?" What if, for a moment, you suspended disbelief? What if you trusted? What could your life look like? I urge you to take some time to examine your limiting beliefs. Jot them down, then create a positive affirmation to transform the belief. Say it as often as you want. See what happens. You might just be surprised.