Unleash the power within

I walked on fire. Two thousand two hundred degree red hot coals. With my bare feet.

A few weeks ago I went to Tony Robbin's Unleash the Power Within weekend. It was incredible, transformational, beyond words. We had a group of 50 inspiring humans - The Love Tribe - that went together. Most of us are Burners and have bonded over crazy journeys and intense dust storms on the Playa. We were ready to take things to the next level.

After four 12+ hour days, my brain was so full of information I wasn't sure which end was up. But now that I've had a few weeks to implement these changes in my life, I feel much clearer on the impact.  I'll share a different takeaway each day this week, so tune in to the blog to follow along.

The power of peak state

I am 100% in charge of how I feel. I can change my state in an instant. 

By fully using the body your creator gave you, you experience all of the gifts that you were given. One of the greatest gifts we have is the ability to use our physical state to shift our emotional state. We often feel stuck, depressed, or tired because we are fixating on our problem and keeping ourselves in that state, not realizing we have the power to change things. 

This is one of the most powerful things I have ever learned. Just by doing a power move, shouting "yes!," or shaking my booty I can completely alter the way that I feel. And this is important because state is the most important part of a breakthrough. When you change your state, you can change your life, which is exactly how I walked on fire. We spent hours learning to shift our state so much that our bodies would be protected as we marched across the blazes.

As a result of the weekend, I now have 2 key practices in my life that help me stay in a beautiful state every day. 


I am a woman of rituals. Over the past few years I've discovered how important they are for connecting me to the truth of who I am. For almost a year I've had a daily meditation practice, and I'm grateful to have a new technique to add in to my mornings. 

Tony talks about priming yourself in the morning so that you set the tone for your day, rather than letting outside influences dictate how you feel. He taught us this great 10 minute exercise that has made a profound impact in my life. Here it is:

1 minute of breathing
Borrowing from yoga, kapalabhati (breath of fire) breathing brings extra oxygen to your body, wakes you up and clears your mind.

3 minutes of gratitude
Pick 3 things you're grateful for and spend 1 minute meditating on each of them. Gratitude brings you into a loving, vulnerable state.

3 minutes of healing
Imagine a blue light entering through the crown of your head and spreading through every inch of your body, bringing physical and emotional healing. Once you feel complete, visualize that light being sent out to heal those that you love.

3 minutes of visualization
Choose 3 goals that you have (big or small) and spend 1 minute on each of them. Visualize successfully achieving each one. What would it look like? Feel like? Sound like?

Pop up dance party

There is no better way to change your state in an instant than by shaking your booty. It immediately puts a smile on your face and elevates your mood.

My partner and I started a new tradition called "Pop up dance party." It's simple: pick a song, turn it on, and yell, "pop up dance party!" then commence dancing. Anyone around you is compelled to join, and once a pop up dance party has been called on you, you can call one at any time. Try it. I think you'll like it.

Check in tomorrow for my post about the power of your peer group and why the people you spend your time with matter so much.