Know thyself to love thyself

Today is the seventh day of Navratri and the beginning of the period where we honor Sarasvati. She is the goddess of knowledge, music and art, and can be called upon to help us know ourselves better. Over the past year and a half, I've been on a journey of self love. I know that this journey will continue for the rest of my life. One of the mantras that I've come to live by in this period is "know thyself to love thyself." I believe that we really have to know ourselves in order to love and embrace ourselves fully.

Sarasvati is the goddess who helps us achieve self-realization. So today, our meditation will honor Sarasvati through honoring ourselves. Allow yourself at least 15 minutes for deep meditation today, although longer is always better. We will begin the meditation with our hands in prayer over our heart. Begin focusing on your breath, taking note of your inhales and exhales. Cultivate love in your heart - with each inhale breathe love in and feel yourself expand, with each exhale allow that love to flow throughout your body. When you feel that you've collected lots of love in your heart, bring your hands to your mouth and gently blow all of that love onto your hands.

Starting at the crown of your head, place both hands on your body. Repeat a mantra to yourself to honor your mind (for example, "I love my mind that is always thinking of creative ideas"). Slowly move down to your face and repeat a mantra here. Move down your body, and as you place your hands on each part, honor yourself with a mantra about what you love. Once you have reached the very tip of your toes, bring your hands back to your heart and bow in reverence to your highest self. Repeat the mantra, "I fully love and accept myself, exactly as I am."

You may stay in your meditation as long as you want. Afterwards, be gentle with yourself and do things that make you feel fabulous. You deserve it.