A fire starts to burn

Today we come to a completion with our celebration of the Goddess Kali. We have worked to understand our own demons and to go through a process of artistic catharsis with them. Now on the third day, we ask Kali to give us strength towards our own growth and help to release our destructive patterns so we can be our fullest, most vibrant selves. The third day also honors the Goddess Chandraghanta who is the destroyer of demons that cause fear, depression and anxiety. Perfect!

Begin by gathering things that are important to you which you will use to build an altar. I love using crystals, meaningful objects and little statues. If you have a fire pit, this is the time to use it. If you don't, you can simply use a glass bowl and a match. We're creating a fire altar which we'll use to burn yesterday's art. This may sound traumatic, but I promise it's one of the most invigorating, empowering experiences you can have. I love fire for its power to transform, and I believe it works on more levels than just the physical.

When I first went to Burning Man and saw these incredible sculptures go up in flames. I would feel so much pain and wonder how the artist who had worked so hard to build this masterpiece could watch it be destroyed. But the more I saw, the more I started to understand. Several months ago I had an opportunity to burn my own piece of art, and it was incredible. It allows you to tap in and experience the impermanence of everything in life. It teaches you non-attachment in a profound way. And it helps to release whatever energy you put into the piece itself.

So before burning your piece of art, take a moment to reflect on what the piece means to you. What would it be like to be free from the chains you have built around your heart? What kind of transformation are you looking for? Set an intention for this process, and ever so gently drop your art into the flames and watch it transform before your very eyes.

Take a deep breath and enjoy the sweetness of your own freedom.

Bonus! A girl power soundtrack for your bonfire.