Here's what I learned in the Jungle

I recently spent two weeks in the Amazon of Peru, connecting with local cultures, nature and myself. It was a beautiful experience, too profound for words. While there I learned (and performed!) a song, which I think perfectly captures the essence of my time there.

Yo soy mujer de la tierra alumbrando con luz de luna me coronan las estrellas y las diosas viven en mi

Yo soy la fiesta de la vida danzando en el universo, mi alegría es medicina y las diosas viven en mi

Yo soy una niña salvaje inocente, libre, silvestre tengo todas las edades mis abuelas viven en mi

Yo soy hermana de las nubes y solo se compartir se que todo es de todos y que todo esta vivo en mi

Mi corazón es una estrella soy hija de la Tierra viajo abordo de mi espiritu y camino a la eternidad camino a la eternidad


I am a woman of the earth illuminated by the light of the moon crowned by the stars and the goddesses live in me

I am the party of life dancing in the universe my happiness is medicine and the goddesses live in me

I am a wild child innocent, free and wild I have all of the ages my grandmothers live in me

I am sister of the clouds and only with them I share I know that everything belongs to everyone and that everything lives in me

My heart is a star I am a woman of the earth I travel aboard my spirit and walk in eternity walk in eternity